About Briana

Hello. I’m Briana.

(photo by Gina Zeidler)

I’m a photographer. I’m a mom.

(photo by Kara Emily Krantz)

I’m still working on the balance thing.

I’m a wife. I’m a hopeless romantic.

(photo by Gina Zeidler)

I’m married to an unromantic. I’m happy with that 🙂

I’m a dreamer. I’m silly. I’m prone to impromptu dance parties.

I’m a Gleek. I’m a travel freak. (We’ve gotten to the rhyming part.)

I’m in love with love, and chubby legs, and drooly smiles. I’m a sucker for the smiles that come only when you’re with those you love.

It fires me up when people are truly themselves and let their hair down in front of my lens. When that happens, I break into the aforementioned dance parties when editing.


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