Sandy Toes

A year ago, when I was a couple months pregnant, I found a picture from Paint the Moon Photography on Pinterest of sandy baby feet that spoke to me.

Every year my husband and I vacation at my grandma’s house in Maine, which is right by the beach. I pinned it instantly as inspiration for my daughter’s first trip to the beach. That trip happened this weekend, and my camera was at my hip.

Um, have you ever tried focusing on kicking baby feet???

I finally got a shot, that, while not amazing, encompasses our experience.

Natalie dug her little monkey toes into the wet sand and let the incoming tide lap at her feet until she sunk in to her ankles. She took it in silently, brow furrowed and eyes squinting against the bright sky, in a quiet, studious manner. She is a very analytic baby, and you can almost see her brain working during a new encounter to take in everything.

I’ve got a couple new sessions to share, but they must wait til I’m on my home computer next week.

Love you all!


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