Get in the Picture

Like many mothers, I’m the shutterbug in the house. It’s only thanks to my iPhone reverse view function or my cumbersome tripod that I get in photos with my daughter. We modeled for a newborn session when Natalie was 2 weeks old, and now I look back and can’t believe she was that tiny!

(image by Paul S. Robinson Photography)

This is an amazing time of my life, and years from now, I don’t want to regret not giving up control, setting my camera to Automatic and handing it to my husband so I have more than iPhone pics of me and my baby girl.

So that’s exactly what I did yesterday, my first Mother’s Day. You only get one of those in your life. If nothing else, I’ll look back and remember what I looked like with hair, because that little angel face has a habit of ripping it out.

(image by my husband)

So give up control, hand off your camera, or invest in a quality family portrait session. But whatever you do, get in the picture!

Happy Belated Mother’s Day šŸ™‚


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