Let Them Eat Cake | Central Massachusetts, Worcester Portrait Photography

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Not so happy you say? Well perhaps I can change that.

Do I have your attention now?

I thought so.

I want to take today to feature a friend of mine, the genius behind those yummy treats. Now I don’t mess around and throw praises like “yummy treats” around willy-nilly. I’ve taste tested these and they have my unwavering stamp of approval.

The lovely genius is Jess Robie, the owner, baker and decorator behind Igidagiggida CAKE.


And if you’re wondering about the unconventional name of her company, the story behind it is that when she was a baby, she dove full force into a cake and uttered those very words in her excitement: “Igidagiggida CAKE!”

Another fun fact, is that I’ll be linking up with her on any photo shoot cake needs. For instance, a first birthday cake smash?

We’ve got you covered.

And now, for some fun.

The next five clients who book with me will be receiving their choice of bite-sized cake treats in the form of pops or balls!

That sounded dirty. Apparently I have the mind of an 8-year-old boy.

 Also, a reminder that this month I’m offering an astounding 25% off my photo sessions and $500 off my wedding packages. Your session does not need to be held in April, but it must be booked in April to receive this discount.

For $300 you’ll have a full session (on average 1-2 hours) and receive your final, edited images on archival CD with printing rights.

XOXO Briana


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