One of those Days | Boston Photo Walk

Have you ever had a day that just came together so beautifully that you pinch yourself and wonder if it was real?

Yesterday was one of those days.

As you may remember from an earlier post, I went into Boston for Jasmine Star – the Fix. But before that, I had helped arrange a photo walk at the Boston Public Library. I think this was just as amazing as Jasmine’s presentation itself.

We all met at the front of the library and headed into the beautiful atrium, which was teeming with patrons sipping coffee, studying, and enjoying the brilliant 70 degree day. The sun shot a shadow diagonally down into the courtyard, casting ideal open shade over the entire area. We had free range.

Well, except for the dry fountain, which apparently was a ceiling to a room underneath. Oops.

Once in the courtyard, we gathered together and I realized something petrifying. I had just assumed that if a bunch of photographers gathered together, they’d organically start shooting one another and have a grand ol’ time. Yeah, maybe if everyone knew each other.

So I oh so coolly (aka like a deer in headlights) fumbled with questions to get to know each other and feel out what experience levels we had. A couple of us started scouting locations and things began falling into place.

Our lone male photographer, Ryan, newly dubbed “Pittsburgh”, was a sport and let us practice posing a guy, which can be tough.

And that quickly turned into a mock engagement session.

After some initial awkwardness, you know, seeing as they’ve never met before…

They totally rocked it out.

Double threats, photographers and models.

We then moved across the street to the Trinity Church.

Where we all spent some time in front of the camera.


Jasmine was absolutely fabulous, as always, and I’m refreshed, motivated, and ready to “take 2012 by the cajones”.



One thought on “One of those Days | Boston Photo Walk

  1. It truly was one of those magical days. I was just… so happy at the end of it, and the days following. Thank you, Briana, for being such a great friend and photographer. ❤

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