A Long Time Coming

This has been a long time coming. Ever since I picked up a camera and fell in love with photography, I’ve dreamed of putting all of my energy behind making it a career. I’ve been blessed to work at it part time while I continued at my full time job, but then SHE happened.

newborn baby photography

Miss Natalie Rose, otherwise known as “My World”. In the last 11 weeks, she’s grown so much, and she continues to grow, learn and figure out new things hourly. I can’t imagine not being present to witness it. So I let go of my safety net to invest more time to my family and dream. I am now…officially…a photographer. Not “oh I do this but on the side I do photography”.

I am a Photographer.

It’s scary. Petrifying really.

But I refuse to back down from the challenge. I want to be a role model for my baby girl. I want to show her what is possible in life. I want to show her how to not settle for less than amazing.

And with something this big, it’s only right to celebrate. I’ll be announcing details later this week about the Wake Up, Juliet Photography Launch Party and Spring Mini Sessions!





3 thoughts on “A Long Time Coming

  1. So proud of you, dear friend. 🙂 That is the passion and courage that makes the world turn and will inspire your little girl to believe in her momma, believe in herself, and believe in beautiful things. ❤

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