Making Memories in 2012

This is my beautiful new baby girl her first morning at home. Natalie was only two days old, a bitty 7 lbs, and I had just passed my first mommy test: the first anxious night home. No stream of nurses checking our vitals and making sure that she was eating well. Just me, her, and the lamp on my bedside table. That night I woke up to tend to her twice while Sean slumbered next to me. This image reminds me of that blissful first morning, the confidence that I had made it through, and the first bonding moment between my husband and our sweet daughter.

There are going to be so many more moments like this in our first year as a family, and I want to capture and remember them all. I make memories for so many other families that my camera tends to lie unused in between sessions. So one of my resolutions for 2012 is to capture more of my family’s candid moments.

How many of you got a new camera for Christmas, or have a similar resolution to capture your family’s everyday moments? Well, we can be in this together. I’ll be starting a new weekly series on the blog aimed at helping you learn your new (or old) camera and inspiring memories to capture.

How it’s going to work:

  • Each Friday I’ll put up a post with a tip and an inspiration/challenge theme for the weekend. So many parents work, so this will help you make the most of your weekends home.
  • Once you’ve got your image(s), upload them to the Wake Up Juliet – Making Memories 2012 Flickr group.
  • Each Wednesday I’ll feature a couple on my blog from the group.

By the end of the year we should all have enough photo fodder to create a photo book from 2012 (another one of my goals for the year).

So who’s with me? I’d also love to hear what other goals you have for the new year in the comments below. I, for one, can’t wait to start running again. I’m hoping to participate in my first 10k by the end of the year!



4 thoughts on “Making Memories in 2012

  1. Just got my first DSLR and am looking for some fun tips and tricks 🙂 My family is small (just my husband and I) but we are ready to make great memories in 2012 so I’m in!

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