Days 3 – 5 | 30 Day Photography Challenge

I love weekends. They’re a chance to escape, socialize, experience things beyond the day to day doldrums. Or you can use the excuse of no work to not leave your couch or change out of your PJs. And this weekend was a super weekend with a bonus day!

Day 3 – Clouds


Day 4 – Something Green

This is my current idea book. I keep it on me wherever I go, ready to capture any lists, plans, inspirations, or sketches that need to escape my brain. There are days when I can feel my brain spinning…those are the days when this little book gets a workout. I download, spewing every thought and fear and to do onto the page.


Day 5 – From a High Angle

This is my furboy, London. He’s our “first born”, a mama’s boy, and determined to be the center of attention. Quite demanding, really. I’ve adjusted the way I was sitting because I wasn’t reclined enough for his flopping comfort. As I type, he’s curled up on my legs, giving the hairy eyeball to the laptop that is in “his spot” (aka, my lap).


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