Day 2 – What You Wore Today | 30 Day Photography Challenge

I have a love/hate relationship with maternity clothes. Getting dressed for work each morning is a drag, trying to put together an outfit that is current, half professional, and flaunts my bump, not my frump. Luckily today is Friday, which is Jeans Day at work, so it can be a bit more casual.

I love jeans with stretchy waists. Seriously, why don’t women wear them all the time?

Unfortunately, today I went through about 3 combinations before settling on the one in the picture. Why? Well see that chunk of belly hanging out beneath my tank? Yeah, the last of my non-maternity tops just don’t cut it anymore. Which means I’ll be hitting up some Labor Day sales this weekend at a local outlet mall.

And don’t worry, I buttoned the cardigan while at work.

So what’d you wear today? Let me know if you’re taking the challenge, I’d love to link up with you! For instance, check out my shutterbug friend, Brooke’s progress in the challenge.



3 thoughts on “Day 2 – What You Wore Today | 30 Day Photography Challenge

  1. I think you look great! When I was pg with #1, I had to do the whole business-casual-maternity-wardrobe. What an expense! With #2, I was not working at the time, so all those business-casual-maternity clothes sat unused! My words of advice – look for maternity resale shops in your area! I had one that was called Slightly Pregnant – hehe. And another one I found in the basement of a baby clothes resale shop.

  2. I have to admit, staying home all day I live in my sweatpants, because they still fit 😉
    Every other jeans doesn’t fit anymore, and the tops, well they are already way too small.
    Will be hitting the stores soon for some maternity pants.

  3. I pretty much have a hate relationship with maternity clothes! I finally felt that I had developed a personal style and then suddenly I had to take a step back. But, I think cardigans will be my saving grace! Hope you had some luck at the sales!

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