Styling Diaries: Brainstorming

So you’re investing in a lifestyle session, and you want to make sure your photos rock. You want your session to reflect you and your relationships, and styling with location, outfits, and props can assist. But there’s a definite difference between natural, editorial styling, and the styling that makes it to

You’ll find no baby bumps in karate gis here. Sorry.

There are 3 easy steps:

1) Sit down.

2) Daydream

3) Write

Ok, you need more guidance?

Sit down with your laptop, Droid, iPad, typewriter, or a good old fashioned pen and paper. Let your mind wander and write down the things that you love, that define you, your relationship, your family. Write down what fires you up, gets you excited, inspires you. Write down adjectives that describe the feel you want your images to have.

That’s it. See? I told you – easy peasy!

Real Life Example Time

(Jack Black means business)

I was inspired to write this because I will be stepping in front of the camera soon with my dear husband. These will be the first professional images of us since our wedding 3 1/2 years ago. I know, about time, right? And I want them to rock.

That’s why I brought Jack Black in.

Anyone know where I can get one of those pointers with the hand? If I were a teacher I’d totally have a pointer with a hand.

I’m getting off topic.

So here’s how my daydreaming went:

Step 1: I sat down with a piece of paper and pen, because I’m old school like that.

Step 2: I might have gotten side tracked briefly in the day dreaming when I found the Jack Black picture with the awesome pointer thingy.

Step 3: I wrote. I split my list up between Sean and me, and wrote. I asked him for input, and created a list of things that helped define us as individuals. I saw where things crossed, and those things defined US, our relationship, things we share a passion for.

For those who want the gory details:

Brie (me): crafty things, literature, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, theater, travel, photography, performing, Scotland, decorating, planning parties, brainstorming, kids, Old English roses with a heady perfume, beauty, dancing, friends and family, time spent with Sean

Sean (el hubbo): webdesign, mythology, Shakespeare, theater, Irish roots, travel, rapier combat, SCA, archery, geekdom, challenge and gratification of a job well done, time spent with Brie (I may have dragged that out of him, he’s not the sap that I am)

Crossovers: Shakespeare, theater, travel, Celtic roots, time spent with each other

Feel of the session: romantic, fun, laughter, cozy, natural

Join us next time, when we continue this discussion with an idea board!


One thought on “Styling Diaries: Brainstorming

  1. Briana – I have had your business card sitting on my desk for some time here. We met at CTPPA and had lunch together! Just wanted to drop a line and say hi!! Hope that you have been doing well!!! 🙂 Blessings!

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