Who’s the Fool?

It is April 1st and I’m looking out my window at snow. Not a few casual flakes that disappear before they touch ground, but a good couple of inches of heavy, wet white stuff that won’t clear with just my windshield wipers.

(Note to self: Buy new wipers, it’s scary driving with the ones we have now. Probably because you’re lazy and use them to clear the snow from your windshield instead of a brush like a responsible car owner.)

All I can say is “very funny Mother Nature, your April Fools Joke is HI-larious.”

But that’s the only April Fool’s joke today. Something about Wake Up, Juliet Photography has changed, but I am very, very serious about it. Go check out the Portrait page.

I’ll wait.

Back? Awesome. You may have noticed a couple things:

  1. No subheaders. I’ve simplified.
  2. No packages. Again, I’ve simplified.
  3. No print prices. I’ve eliminated print sales from my model.


I came across a quote the other day on Pinterest (which, by the way, is made of awesomesauce) by Dr. Suess. It really struck me and gave me clarity at the heart of my business.

I posted it to Facebook with the challenge to ‘Be YOU today’. I graded myself on whether I was being me, and only scored a B+. Now, I was a straight A student growing up, so something needed to be addressed. And that something was in my business.

I set my 2011 prices less than 2 months ago, agonized and stressed over those packages, only to discover that I HATE working with them. They felt more complicated than necessary, and I realized that me + print sales = hot mess. I had read a million different opinions when it came to packaging and print sales, I was practically an expert on the pros and cons of every option. But I had missed an important step. I didn’t listen to ME. I am not a salesperson (believe me, I tried in-home cutlery sales for 2 months over a summer in college and ended up quitting in a flood of tears). Yes, I want you to have beautiful prints that you can proudly display, but there must be a way of accomplishing that without giving me an ulcer.

I sat down and thought about what I love about photographing clients, and what I would want as a client. I love meeting you, getting to know you, capturing your moments and then sharing them with you. I love showing you the beauty that is you, your family, your relationships. I love being able to have it all. I can’t make a decision to save my life, so the thought of only picking a few images when I love them all seems like torture.

Here comes the moment of clarity: if I love these things and this is my business, why am I not giving these things to my clients? I may have slapped my palm to my forehead and exclaimed “duh!”. Talk about your April fool.

So I restructured immediately. I simplified and gave it all to you. Now, instead of worrying about picking and choosing packages, you can relax and enjoy your session, knowing that you’ll be receiving your final images on CD, references to quality print labs, as well as a proof print of each final image. I can relax and enjoy your session, knowing that with this new, simplified model, I’ll be giving you the very best service and experience possible. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


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