Branniff Bun in the Oven | Worcester, MA Maternity Portraits

It started with an email that stated they were 8 1/2 weeks pregnant and thinking about maternity photos. “Wow,” I thought, “they really think ahead!” I answered, thinking perhaps we’d meet up in August, around their 7 month mark.

An email came back…”Sorry, we’re 8 1/2 months pregnant! We’re due in 5 weeks.”

Matt and Amy are super casual and super fun. They met me at the door with their beagle, Harley, straining at the leash and smiles on their faces. They showed me their nursery, an alcove decked with monkeys, a handmade toy chest, a Yoshi doll, and…baby Converse All-Stars. I may have gushed over them obsessively.

But then it got one better…Matt and Amy lifted the hems on their jeans to show off their own Chucks, the ones they wore on their wedding day.

I may have turned into a puddle.

But the most amazing thing (to me) is that they don’t know what they’re having. They have names in mind, but mum’s the word when it comes to them. They, along with their family and friends are in for a wonderful, wonderful surprise when Baby Branniff arrives.

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32 thoughts on “Branniff Bun in the Oven | Worcester, MA Maternity Portraits

  1. This was a great session. I love the blog and the photos are going to help us remember so many great things. They are amazing photos and we appreciate the time Briana spent with us!

  2. The first time I met Amy, Matt and Harley ;), I knew they were going to have an amazing future together! Now married and a new baby on the way.. what I knew then was exactly what I know now, a wonderful life is what you have and the baby is the next phase in your life that will bond you two even more! It’s hard to find love and make it last and you two are an example that all dreams can come true! Wish the best for you all

  3. These are awesome pix Matt & Amy! You’re such a cute couple & will make a cute trio when that little cherub arrives!

    So excited for you guys!
    Lisa :0)

  4. Amy, your baby pics are way cute!! I’m so happy for your husband and you. You were a great friend in high school and even though we lost touch, I still have great memories of you. I wish all the health and happiness to your baby and you guys. The shoe pic is really cool, very different. I love the pics of you and matt below matt holding the baby doll up side down. Looks like you got a great photographer! Looking forward to seeing great pics of your bundle of joy. I didn’t find out either until my daughter was born. Thats the way to go!!

  5. Awww – you guys are soooo cute! This baby is one lucky little one to be born into a home that has so much love in it! Love ALL the photos, even Harley who just melted my heart!! Great shots all around!!

  6. Love all of these! So happy for the wonderful couple 🙂 But Harley seems to be confused in his picture — “Wait, you mean this isn’t MY room??”

  7. #1 They don’t come out feet first, so they don’t need shoes right away.

    2nd They can’t Walk Matt!!

    #3 They can’t play video games right away……

  8. You two ate going to be the best parents anyone could ask for. The picture with the two of you looking into each other eyes while both of your hands are on. Amy’s belly is my all time favorite! Then the picture of the baby shoes. Who would of thought baby shoes would come out to be a beautful picture!!

    Crystal & Glen & Elijah

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