My Valentine

To my husband Sean:

Five years ago you were by my side when I said good-bye to my grandfather in the hospital. You told him then that you would take good care of me. Since that day much has happened, much has changed, but one thing has stayed the same. You have kept that promise. You have cared for me in every possible way. Just yesterday you sat on the phone with me for half an hour while I struggled to try and change my first flat tire. Later you told me how proud you were of me for not crying.

You are my best friend, my clown, my dearest confidante, my security blanket, my rock and my reigns. When I overwhelm myself (which has been often), you are always there to pull me back to focus. You remind me daily of how perfectly God works in our lives, because He placed you in mine.

I know you’re not a fan of how your hair looks in this photo, but the story behind it means so much to me that it’s one of my favorites. I had worn you down until you agreed to sit for me. The morning we had arranged to take the pictures you woke up so sick. But you let me click away despite that.

photocrati gallery

Thank you for loving me despite my flaws, for growing with me and encouraging me every day. You are my Valentine, ever since the day you asked me on instant messenger 8 years (8 years!!!) ago to be yours.

Love Always,

Your Briana


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