Beauty is a Pain

Things are looking a little different around here. Ok, completely and utterly different. Except for me. I’m still me.

What started out as a refresh and relaunch turned into a complete wipe of the slate for Wake Up, Juliet. It wasn’t intentional, but now I have ammo the next time Sean tells me to build a webpage on my own. In his words: “It shouldn’t be that difficult.”

A couple hours and a click of the wrong button later and I was convinced I had broken the internet.

I had hit save, navigated to another page and suddenly my blog and my WordPress dashboard didn’t exist on the server anymore. After a few minutes of shock, disbelief and furiously hitting the back button and undo command (I don’t know, it works in Word), I told Sean that I broke my site.

Sean looked at the tears welling up in my eyes and said “Calm down, what did you press that made it go away?”

“I don’t know…something about url addresses and directories… This is why I wanted your help!!! I can’t be trusted with codey things!”

Yes, I got dramatic.

I turned the reigns over to him and he tapped away for an hour or so, muttering under his breath and letting a curse fly when something didn’t work. I think in the end I wound up sending it into an infinite loop or something.

“Would it be easier to just start over?” I asked him.

And that’s what we did. After a reinstallation, a new directory, and Sean’s instructions to ‘NEVER touch this box here again’, Wake Up, Juliet got a totally fresh start. And you know what?

I’m excited.

And I love my husband, the website fixer.

So enjoy the new digs with the assurance that no computers were harmed (well, much) in the relaunching of this website.


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