Valentine’s Flop

So, sometimes, despite your best efforts, photo shoots weren’t meant to be. Especially with babies.

I tried to have a Valentine’s Day mini shoot with my daughter Natalie, who is newly walking. I got a bunch of these:




But you still come out with some sweet shots like these:



Happy Belated Valentine’s Day everyone 🙂


Enjoying Life | I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

These two are my life, and I’m happy to bring you a little snippet of our day to day life as parents.

I’m a sucker for Daddy/baby shots, especially when their my own. Natalie loves us both, but Daddy is definitely her first love, so when he’s home from work, it’s all eyes for him. But this shot reminds me of when we’re happiest, in these little in between moments where we’re truly a family.

Photo Challenge Submission

I’m submitting this to the I Heart Faces monthly photo challenge.

Sandy Toes

A year ago, when I was a couple months pregnant, I found a picture from Paint the Moon Photography on Pinterest of sandy baby feet that spoke to me.

Every year my husband and I vacation at my grandma’s house in Maine, which is right by the beach. I pinned it instantly as inspiration for my daughter’s first trip to the beach. That trip happened this weekend, and my camera was at my hip.

Um, have you ever tried focusing on kicking baby feet???

I finally got a shot, that, while not amazing, encompasses our experience.

Natalie dug her little monkey toes into the wet sand and let the incoming tide lap at her feet until she sunk in to her ankles. She took it in silently, brow furrowed and eyes squinting against the bright sky, in a quiet, studious manner. She is a very analytic baby, and you can almost see her brain working during a new encounter to take in everything.

I’ve got a couple new sessions to share, but they must wait til I’m on my home computer next week.

Love you all!

Get in the Picture

Like many mothers, I’m the shutterbug in the house. It’s only thanks to my iPhone reverse view function or my cumbersome tripod that I get in photos with my daughter. We modeled for a newborn session when Natalie was 2 weeks old, and now I look back and can’t believe she was that tiny!

(image by Paul S. Robinson Photography)

This is an amazing time of my life, and years from now, I don’t want to regret not giving up control, setting my camera to Automatic and handing it to my husband so I have more than iPhone pics of me and my baby girl.

So that’s exactly what I did yesterday, my first Mother’s Day. You only get one of those in your life. If nothing else, I’ll look back and remember what I looked like with hair, because that little angel face has a habit of ripping it out.

(image by my husband)

So give up control, hand off your camera, or invest in a quality family portrait session. But whatever you do, get in the picture!

Happy Belated Mother’s Day 🙂

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway (Again)

To be Wake Up, Juliet or not to be Wake Up, Juliet.

I can’t tell you how long I wavered over this decision. Ok, I don’t think “wavered” is a strong enough word. Agonized, deliberated, vacillated…there, that’s better. It’s been who “I’ve” been since the start of my blogging and photography career. It’s who I am, right?

If that was right, then why was I constantly questioning it?

So I decided it was time to embrace myself as a photographer under the name Briana Lynn Photography.

I created this sweet new site, new Facebook page, planned to launch it on May 1st (because my OCD thought, well duh!) aaaaand… got cold feet.

But Wednesday, on the dreariest, wettest day, after sitting in ridiculous Mass Pike traffic for 2 1/2 hours, missing out on saying a proper goodbye to a friend heading to the airport that day…I found myself again.

I know, it sounds so cliche, “finding myself”, but it’s true.

I had the immense blessing to attend Making Things Happen again, only this time I got to drive to Boston instead of flying cross country to San Francisco.

Last time, in San Francisco in November of 2010, I was a dreamer. I was working a full time job that didn’t feed my soul, but I had this newfound passion for photography that I knew I wanted to chase after.

Now, in May 2012, I am a doer in make-it-or-break-it time. I am a new mom, and I’m no longer weighed down by a job that I don’t love. I should be flying, right?

Not so much.

See, I’d allowed the fear, pressure and distractions back in. I was (and still am) figuring out this new schedule and this new role of being a mother, while still trying (and now NEEDING) to build this dream. Most days escaped me, I wasn’t gaining traction, my wheels were backpedaling. But, while some days I feel like nothing’s changed from a year and a half ago, in truth, most things had.

As I sat in the room at the Hyatt Harborside, surrounded by complete strangers and 3 friends, I went through the same exercises that I did in another hotel room on the west coast, and different layers peeled back. My heart had become a drop zone for the comments, criticisms, perceptions, and drama that I didn’t have a place for but couldn’t let go of. Walking into that room, I was worried that I’d never find my heart in my work, and as I left, I realized that my heart had always been there, I’d just allowed it to be buried under all the crap that I should have just dumped.

With each exercise, I threw another layer of junk into the proverbial trash. I stood, facing Gina, body fidgeting and eyes fighting to avoid eye contact as tears poured down my cheeks. I felt my heart wrench as my voice trembled with each statement.

“My life is too short to allow thoughts  that I’m not a good wife, a good mother, or a good person, to keep me from being the most amazing wife, the most amazing mother, and the most amazing person that I can be.”

“My life is too short to compare myself to others and not define my own success.”

“My life is too short to second guess myself into inaction.”

I’m not cured, or healed, and no miracles happened in that room. I’ve got a long road and the hardest work ahead of me. But when I climbed into the car to drive home to my husband and baby girl, I had a glimpse of my heart again. It has a skylight through the clutter that remains, and you better believe I’m digging in and turning that skylight into pure, open air.

So here I am. On this Friday, May 11, 2012, a day with absolutely no precedence or meaning, I am Briana Lynn: photographer, mother, wife, dreamer.

Welcome to my heart.

Cutest Cook in the Kitchen

Today I want to pause and feature another small business run by a friend of mine: busyBdesigns, run by Becka Bielawa.

She creates the most adorable kids clothes and toys, including aprons, onesies, superhero capes and “I Spy” bags. She’s always up to something new. Contact her for custom designs, perhaps something for Mother’s Day?

Natalie at 4 months | Central Massachusetts, Worcester Baby Photographer

They grow so fast. Every day brings a new skill, look, trait. This month we have discovered our feet, the amazing things our hands can do, rolling, reading, and teething.

This monthly project is the most fun, and certainly the most valuable I’ve ever done.

Happy 4 months baby girl.

photocrati gallery


Let Them Eat Cake | Central Massachusetts, Worcester Portrait Photography

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Not so happy you say? Well perhaps I can change that.

Do I have your attention now?

I thought so.

I want to take today to feature a friend of mine, the genius behind those yummy treats. Now I don’t mess around and throw praises like “yummy treats” around willy-nilly. I’ve taste tested these and they have my unwavering stamp of approval.

The lovely genius is Jess Robie, the owner, baker and decorator behind Igidagiggida CAKE.


And if you’re wondering about the unconventional name of her company, the story behind it is that when she was a baby, she dove full force into a cake and uttered those very words in her excitement: “Igidagiggida CAKE!”

Another fun fact, is that I’ll be linking up with her on any photo shoot cake needs. For instance, a first birthday cake smash?

We’ve got you covered.

And now, for some fun.

The next five clients who book with me will be receiving their choice of bite-sized cake treats in the form of pops or balls!

That sounded dirty. Apparently I have the mind of an 8-year-old boy.

 Also, a reminder that this month I’m offering an astounding 25% off my photo sessions and $500 off my wedding packages. Your session does not need to be held in April, but it must be booked in April to receive this discount.

For $300 you’ll have a full session (on average 1-2 hours) and receive your final, edited images on archival CD with printing rights.

XOXO Briana